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An Island No More

Memoir, The Gloucester I Knew
by Ronald H. Gilson

Readers of An Island No More will immediately recognize this memoir as no routine historical account of Gloucester. It is a deeply moving essay of an authorís experience of the fishing industry as it affected the everyday life of its citizens. Gilson transports the reader into decades that cover depression, war, prosperity and, finally, decline. Gilsonís story is a poignant personal insight into many vignettes of the characters which fill his historical account. Using the fishing industry as a metaphor for life, Gilson reveals the life of a city over four decades. This historical approach is the strength of his work. Only a native of Gloucester could have written such a memoir.

As I read Gilsonís history, having been away from my home- town over fifty years, I was immediately taken back into time. Gilsonís account rings with such an authenticity, a virtual new experience of that time and place came back to me. In short, this history will engage the reader at all levels of emotion.

Dr. Richard J. Elliott
Professor Emeritus
University of New Orleans


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Publisher: Ronald H. Gilson, 16 McEachern Place, Gloucester, MA 01930


"Piney's" Wharf, Harbor Loop, circa 1944

Dana Story Shipyard, circa 1946

Waterfront Scene from State Fish Pier, circa 1945

Original F/V St. Nicholas, circa 1947



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